02 September 2014

Along with the sunshine, there's gotta be a little rain sometime

Feck yeah!

And some welcome sunshine!
Spring is officially here!
It's a good feeling.
Everybody prance now!

Frock-a splendid square dance number, from Etsy
Jacket-from my sistercousinwife, altered by moi
Belt-either the 10c bin or the free bin at an opshop
Scarf-60's, opshopped
Handbag-60's, from the lovely Sue
Tights-from the splendid Vix 
Shoes-Trade Me
Sunglasses-retail, Melbourne
Flower-Ubud, Indonesia
Necklace-New Orleans

I've had some luck at my favourite opshops; the little West German vase made me squeal a bit, I got it, these shoes, and the 50's glasses case the week before last....

.....the little vase makes 12 or 13 for our West German pottery collection......I blame G......

Last week I scored a couple of cases, these sweet 70's jars, a modern but retro looking toiletries bag......

....and this enamel pot, coat hangers and the not my usual style but rather compelling tin tray!

G is getting better at using his crutches, and we've been able to get out a little bit.
Last Saturday we went out for a bit of nosh and a couple of drinks.
 I don't really like being drunk in charge of a cripple, though! Makes me nervous! 
It's bad enough that the cripple gets drunk!
We went to The Bog, a splendid Irish bar with awesome food.
I don't like Irish music though. Sorry.
(but I do love the Irish jiggy bit on a Kate Bush song, "Jig of Life" on the B side of Hounds of Love. Can't explain. I think it's the clappy sounding bodhran or stick bits that make it. Or is it "Waking the Witch"?! Arse. Anyway, it's Kate, she rarely goes wrong!)

Frock-50's, Etsy
Coat-70's, a theatre sale
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-60's, thrifted in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
Hat-60's, from the darling Leisa (whom I will be seeing this Friday!!!)
Sunglasses-50's, from the lovely Sue
Beads-60's, opshopped
Little diamante brooches-from my sistercousinwifey



19 August 2014

Ain't no beauty queens in this locality (I tell you)

So my G Star is out of his cast and into a moonboot.
It's so ugly I can't bear to take a photograph of it!
The tendon seems to have joined up already, so the doctor is pleased.

He's still on crutches and completely useless though!
Thank the heavens for wiiiiiiine............

Recent opshop finds include this lovely 50's Swedish made bowl, this nicely battered old camera case,

a heavenly tin tray and another tin for my collection,

plus this sweet Pyrex bowl with lid!

Frock:60's, Etsy
Beret-can't remember
Brooch-was on a purse someone gave me a few years back, when the purse died I took off the bow and hot glued a pin to the back
Shoes-Trade Me
Coat-60's, opshopped
Sunglasses-Catch a Thief
Handbag-a knitting bag, opshopped


09 August 2014

O, that I may imbibe from your lips the power of sleep tonight

Frock-made it myself with opshopped material years ago
Blouse-60's, opshopped
Coat-70's, a theatre sale
Shoes-Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Handbag-60's, opshopped
Earrings-Vintage Pip
Bow-made it myself
Sunglasses-from my darling Sue
Brooch-60's? From my sweetheart Curtise

There's going to be some lame arse outfit pix using my gorilla pod and self timer for a little bit, as........

.............my G Star has managed to rupture his left Achilles tendon, rendering him useless fairly immobile for a time!
He was thrilled to be able to choose his favourite colour for the cast, which he has to wear for two weeks. This is followed by six weeks in a moon boot-gagging to see that!!
Then it's some kind of shoe lifts.
The downside is that I have to do all the housework.
For feck's sake.
It's bad enough that I am not a terribly good nurse ( I am trying very hard though); let alone having to do the most loathed things in my universe.......please send loads of healing wishes to save me from the drudgery!

In other news, I made a pit stop at the Meditteranean Warehouse.......

....tried to make sense of the random books and magazines piling up about the house.......

......we had a little cocktail bash........

I wore:
Stole-no idea how old, a theatre sale
Earrings-from lovely Tamera
Beads-60's, opshopped
Silver sandals-opshopped
Headpiece-a piece of lace from a favourite friend, hot glued onto a clip

Naturally, there was a costume change into a square dance frock I recently got from Etsy....

...and some interpretive dance....(Malcolm is deliberately ignoring my skills; how rude....)

It's quite considerate that my frock goes with my tattoo!

We got a new couch and Peepers loves it....but she loves that blankie more....

I scored a spunky sifter!

We had some Winter sunshine...
I wore:
Frock-made it myself using a 70's sheet
Coat-60's, opshopped
Beret-Madame Butterflys, a local vintage shop
Sunglasses-Catch a Thief
Shoes-retail sale

The sweetest knitting bag in the world!

I also opshopped these splendid old lady shoes.....

I believe my patient needs an enema some medication of the liquid variety.
Please excuse me.