01 November 2014

So I dance on the graves where the hallowed fall

Huzzah, another frock finished! I'm rather fond of the sheet I used. I'm on a fecking roll!
Shame it was a shitty windy day for its first outing.
(wind plays havoc with my hair!)
We went pot shopping....G needed to re-pot his prized golden barrel cacti, as they had outgrown their original pots, so it was off to the delightfully named Oderings gardening centre for supplies.

Oderings?! Ponderings, more like, as there wasn't a lot of choice in colours. We settled on some shiney black pots, all the better to show off the yellowy spines of the cacti.

Prior to the gardening centre expedition, however, I had some splendid luck at my two favourite opshops!
Two suitcases and a basket...I'm still wondering the the feck I'm going to put the basket...plus various fun  odds and sods...that 70's enamel fry pan in the right case has never been used! (and I have a casserole that matches! Squee!)

The highlight, the find that made me squeal, though, was this late 60's cape!!!
Oddly, it has pockets instead of slits for tyrannosaurus rex arms, but I'm going to sort that out. Otherwise, it's exquisite!

No, no, HURRAHS!


28 October 2014

Cast me adrift and set me to sail, just on last kiss before raising hell

Yeah, so, I managed not to get any pix of our trip down to Oamaru on the Friday, nor of what I wore, nor of the Penguin Club gig.....but I did manage to get it together on the Saturday for some useful shots!

We stayed at the motor camp in Oamaru, which was the backdrop for my Saturday packing up gear and tripping down to Dunedin outfit.

Nice car.

This is Sean our guitarist.

I took a few snaps of local art whilst the boys packed up gear...

The Penguin Club is in the Victorian Precinct of Oamaru, one of my favourite places to visit.

We stopped in at Fleur's Place, in Moeraki for a coffee break. It's quite famous.

Purple Rain, where we played in Dunedin, is a retro cafe which a space downstairs for entertainment.
It wasn't really a good set up for a band, but we made do.
The decor was bloody awesome; the religious paraphernalia especially rocking my knickers off...

A quick selfie before heading off to play

And a few pix courtesy of Purple Rain (I think) of our little gig.

We didn't set the world on fire, but we had a great time, which is what it's really all about!


22 October 2014

I spend my cash on looking flash and grabbing your attention!

Ta dah!
La square dance frock extraordinaire!
It turned out beautifully, and I have plans, and a retro sheet stash, for more.
I'm right into this mutton dressed as lamb thing, and the world can go to hell!

Ah, that full, flouncy skirt.....the gathering drove me up the wall a little, but it's so worth it.
I have been nagging myself to do more sewing this year, but realised I have actually made about 7 or 8 frocks this year, and I do feel rather motivated.
This is a good thing, and I'd better ride that wave before the next slump!
I'm nearly finished with another frock, just doing the hand sewing, and then I think I will bust out a stripey sheet set for another square dance frock........argh....I get all excited, but the trick is to stick to one frock at a time, I have found.
I used to be terrible for cutting out several frocks at a time, then getting overwhelmed and throwing them all into a box and never finishing them...it's all about being disciplined and focused these days, and dammit, horribly grown up about it all.
O dear!

Flower-retail, years ago
Sunglasses-Catch a Thief
Necklace-G's folks bought it back from the States for me many years ago
Earrings-gift from G
Handbag-tooled leather delight, opshopped many years ago
Shoes-Trade Me

Captain Crutches!
Shirt-made by moi
Jeans-Indonesia, I think, or maybe Thailand
(those snakey little hips do so well in Asian lands)
Nasty orthapedic shoes...who cares?!
Sunglasses-I think they were a gift from me years ago...