Their eyes are wide and their love is pure

I went for a Double Floral Friday....
It only seemed fitting, in light of Sarah's floral themed week, to finish it off with a double whammy.
Frock-Two Squirrels sale
50's coat and tights-from Jumble Queen Vix
Shoes-Trade Me
70's patchwork handbag-opshopped (I've had this forever! I don't think it's ever made a blog appearance before!
Jewellery-gift from G last birthday

I had a little luck at an opshop on the way home.
Pickings have been slim lately, but today I found a pair of retro saucepans, a 60's furry beret, a nylontastic 60's bedcape (this'll make a great pattern for future little capes) and a longish pleated blue frock. I'll need to take it up and hopefully not loose the flippy hem.

Beret label love.

Tonight G and I are off to his primary school anniversary or reunion or something like that....
I so wanted to go to my class of 82 reunion last month, but we couldn't afford it, so I'll have to make do with G's!
We have no idea what to expect, but we're gonna make a fun night of it, whatever the case....
If in doubt, get plastered, I always say.
Have a splendid Friday, darlings!